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The first to issue an online prescription two decades ago, UpScriptHealth’s uncompromising compliance and customer service solidify its spot at the top of telemedicine.

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The UpScriptHealth Platform

UpScriptHealth is a comprehensive, direct to consumer pharmaceuticals provider that is innovating the way customers get the help they need.

Platform Overview

Zero-compromise compliance

For over 20 years, UpScriptHealth has been leading telemedicine in all areas of legal stature.

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Leading in patient loyalty

We give customers the guidance they need to make conscious choices about their health.

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Striving upwards

We are constantly evaluating our methods to increase efficiency as we evolve with our partners.

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Adaptive strategy in action

We build bespoke sales and distribution strategies that meet the needs of your brand.

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  • Optimization
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Trusted by pharma leaders

What partnership means for you

Doctor network

Gain access to our nationwide network of healthcare professionals.

Pharma fulfillment

Distribute medication through trusted pharmacies, straight to customers’ doors.

Quality service

Get quality answers when you need them from our high-touch customer service team.

Sell medication with confidence

By partnering with UpScriptHealth, your brand will be alongside the best modern medicine has to offer. Have medications prescribed and sent directly to consumers throughout the 50 states.