Leading in patient-centric care

UpScript is designed with care as our core principle. Beyond offering specific treatments, we make sure customers receive the guidance they need to make conscious choices about their health.

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Frictionless experience

Consistently tested user experience ensures customers are informed to make decisions that they feel good about. Clear decisions lead to improved patient compliance.

Customer service

We provide top-level help and guidance and leave the medical advice to the doctors.

High conversion

UpScript campaigns are meticulously tracked via pixel and end-point analytics, leading to conversion and refill rates higher and more consistent than brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

Central medicine hub

In addition to customized partner sites, UpScript.com provides the perfect platform for selling your medication directly to the consumer. It is a very popular marketing channel.

Unmatched insights

We round our services with advanced performance analytics, honed communications strategy, and a tested user experience to effectively connect with patients.

Don’t just take it from us

Every UpScriptHealth partner echoes our strong commitment to outstanding customer engagement.

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Sell medication with confidence

By partnering with UpScriptHealth, your brand will be alongside the best modern medicine has to offer. Have medications prescribed and sent directly to consumers throughout the 50 states.