Zero compromise

Since we wrote the first online prescription over 20 years ago, UpScriptHealth has helped establish the industry standing in compliance. We are dedicated to ensuring legal adherence in all areas of our business to preserve the integrity of our partner relationships.

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National presence

Once treatment is prescribed, it’s sent out directly to customers nationwide or made available for pickup. Members can subscribe to automatic refills, simplifying access to treatment even further.

LegitScript certified

No promoting medications for unintended use. No exceptions. UpScriptHealth has a healthy relationship with federal regulators and we’ll keep it that way.

Safety in numbers

With an extensive, nationwide network, we keep careful track of evolving laws and adapt accordingly. Our 20-year track record proves that compliance is not something we just talk about.

Honoring HIPAA

Our systems are fortified to handle PHI. We take privacy seriously beyond our classification as a non-covered entity.

Fortified protections

Health data is intensely private. UpScriptHealth security is a top priority. We take every precaution to protect user information while only storing what is necessary to provide excellent service.

Don’t just take it from us

Every UpScriptHealth partner echoes our strong stance on zero-compromise compliance.

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Sell medication with confidence

By partnering with UpScriptHealth, your brand will be alongside the best modern medicine has to offer. Have medications prescribed and sent directly to consumers throughout the 50 states.